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Portable Pet Pool

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Let The Pets Beat the Heat!

We wanted those hot summer days to truly be enjoyable for your four legged friends. Unlike a standard, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, The Portable Pet Pool is made for dogs and is built to last. Have peace of mind knowing that the pool won't leak or tear, while you watch your four legged friends run, jump and swim around their new play area.

Easy Set Up

This Portable Pet Pool is deep enough for your dog to get completely soaked and cooled off by either sitting, standing, or swimming! It can also be used for a fun and cool sand pit or play area for toddlers

Even Easier Clean Up

Just unscrew the plug on the side of the Portable Pet Pool and let the water flow out for easy clean up. Or screw on a hose and let the water out in a different location. Afterwards, simply fold the pool up with these six simple steps and then your done!