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About Us

It has been a hectic traveling day so far and all I want in this world is some nice quality sleep. After getting through security, finding our gate, and boarding onto the plane all I can think about is resting my eyes. And just as the plane takes off I am ready to fall asleep. But I am finding it hard to fall asleep with the baby crying two rows behind me, the glaring light beaning in from the windows and the uncomfortableness of the stiff seat I am sitting on.  After countless hours of searching online, I could not find a sustainable product that fulfilled my needs to block out light and sound while providing a comfortable environment for me to fall asleep. I knew there had to be others around the world just like me who suffered from these same problems. So that is when I decided to make a change myself and create the ultimate power napping pillow. Which is known today as the Ostrich Nap Pillow.